Physical Therapy and Surgery

Physical therapy and surgery are closely related for a number of reasons. For one, patients often undergo physical therapy for injuries and conditions to avoid surgery. Examples include knee injuries, degenerative spine conditions and shoulder issues, among others.

If surgery is deemed to be necessary, physical therapy will then play a crucial role in the recovery process. With its focus on improving function and promote the body’s healing process, physical therapy after surgery can lead to a decreased recovery time and better outcomes.For patients recently diagnosed with a condition or injury, physical therapy is a highly effective first-line treatment. Physical therapists are experts in the functioning of the body’s musculoskeletal system and can identify certain mechanical and postural problems that may be contributing to pain and symptoms. 

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Physical Therapy Before Surgery

The specialization of physical therapy before surgery is the description of the sports exercises that the patient should do.At MedStar we try to help our patient Bing ready
for various surgery .there are important steps before surgery that can be include:

1.Cardio therapeutic exercises. Urban cardio exercises such as walking, running or water sports will improve fitness and body activity.

2.Strengthening exercises.Strengthening exercises are prescribed to improve the function of joints and bone

3.Special exercises to improve range of joint motion. This group of exercises helps to improve performance and movements.

4.Stretching exercises.Performing physical exercises will relieve stiffness, control joint pain and improve their range of motion.
MedStar physical therapist recommends the use of complementary methods such as hot and cold compresses, treatment, use of braces and special walking equipment. Because it controls the pain and improves his movement.


Physical Therapy After Surgery

Different types of surgeries require their own recovery period. In fact, a surgical procedure includes pre-operative care, surgical procedure and post-operative care. In each of these steps, it is necessary to observe everything that helps the patient’s comfort, safety and faster recovery. Physical therapy after surgery is one of the main steps that is given special attention after most surgeries.

Physical therapy after surgery is one of the main steps in the process of orthopedic surgeries. It is very important to pay attention to the specific conditions of the patient in setting up the treatment plan. In fact, an expert physiotherapist must first consider all the medical conditions of the patient and then adjust the treatment plan based on it. It may be necessary for the patient to use various and specialized physiotherapy devices, various sports devices and the like for physiotherapy treatment after surgery

What Steps dose Physical Therapy after surgery?

Physical therapy after surgery is mainly planned in three main stages. This treatment process usually starts in the first days after surgery and continues until acceptable recovery. Recovery time means when the body has relatively returned to its normal function. The three main stages of postoperative physiotherapy are:

1.Initial recovery stage
2.Power stage and range of motion
3.Functional restoration stage

Dose Physical Therapy recommend for all Surgeries?

Almost all people experience pain and muscle weakness after performing various types of surgery. On the other hand, the level of mobility, flexibility, contraction and expansion of muscles may change drastically. Therefore, rehabilitation and physiotherapy after surgery are recommended for almost all patients.

In all these conditions, an expert and experienced physiotherapist can significantly improve the patient’s condition. A physiotherapist is able to achieve all the goals of a person’s health in the short and long term by setting up a regular and accurate program and of course according to the patient’s condition.

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