Physical Therapy for Neck Pain or Neck Injury

Physical therapy is one of the most common treatments for chronic neck pain. Most physical therapy programs for neck pain involve applying treatments to reduce pain and/or stiffness enough to begin an exercise program of strengthening and stretching the neck. The specific methods and exercises used in physical therapy, as well as the duration of the treatment plan, can vary from person to person(.By Jahnna Levy, DO).

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What cause in Neck Pain?

Chronic neck pain is usually caused by a mechanical issue with the facet joints or discs, which typically stems from painful wear-and-tear associated with age.Cervical spine conditions tend to affect not only the neck but also the head, shoulders, or arms.(By Jahnna Levy, DO)

There are seven Neck Pain Common causes include:


2.Spinal stenosis

3.Herniated disc

4.Pinched nerve

5.Mental and physical stress and strain

6.Poor posture

7.Tumors and other health conditions.

Types of Neck Pain

Most neck muscle injuries will feel better within a few days or weeks. Most neck muscle strains are alleviated using heat or ice, over-the-counter pain medications, and stretching.(By Jahnna Levy, DO).

The Nine Types of Neck Pain that are common among patients include: 

1.Muscle Pain

2.Muscle strains


4.Muscle Spasm


6.Facet Joint Pain 

7.Nerve Pain  

8.Referred Pain 

9.Bone Pain 

Symptoms that occur with Neck Pain

The symptoms of neck pain vary depending on the cause of each person.there are many important symptoms of Neck Pain which include:

1.Sharp pain 

2.General soreness 

3.Radicular pain.  

4.Cervical radiculopathy.  

5.Trouble with gripping or lifting objects. … 



Preventing Neck Pain

Ways To Help Prevent Neck Pain. Stress is often held in the trapezius muscle and can lead to pain in the neck and shoulders but preventing Neck pain my include:

1.Try a new pillow. 

2.Sleep on your back if you can. 

3.Make sure your computer monitor is at eye level. 

4.Avoid neck strain from texting. 

5.Use a headset. 

5.Exercise and stretch your neck. 

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