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We accept most commercial insurance and private insurances for physical therapy.  As a courtesy to our patients, our billing coordinator will contact your insurance provider to verify and determine the physical therapy benefits of your specific policy prior to making your first appointment.

If you don’t have health insurance or don’t have a plan that covers physical therapy, MedStar is committed to making our treatments accessible and affordable to as many patients as possible and accepts self-pay. Our team will work alongside you to navigate the costs associate with our treatments.  The most important point is that you get the help you need to reach your optimal level of function.

Medstar insurance partners:

MedStar work with most PPO insurance plans

In network with:

Workers’ Compensation, OneCall, Medirisk, Orchid, Corvel and Care IQ

Private Insurances also are included: 

Aetna, Anthem Blue Crossa and Blue Shield


Do I need a prescription and/or referral for physical therapy?

You don’t need a script for PT; therefore, you can contact Medstar directly for your initial evaluation.  There is a plan under CA law called “Direct Access” that states you can receive physical therapy treatment from a licensed physical therapist without a physician referral or prescription.

Have more questions about insurance?

Our amazing staff has answers! Contact us to speak with someone who can give you clarity and ensure you’re getting the most out of your medical insurance! Just give us a call or email: info@medstarinc.com

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