Physical Therapy for Weightlifters and CrossFit Athletes

Weightlifting and CrossFit Rehab

Medstar Physical Therapists will develop a recovery plan specifically to your needs that focuses on treatment to reduce the need for surgery, invasive interventions and/or prescriptive drugs. Our goal is to encourage a movement-based approach that uses a combination of exercises, stretches, hand-on techniques, and equipment to restore function and/or relieve pain. While your load may change, or different movement patterns may be utilized to keep you training with manageable symptoms, our team will work with you to optimize your level of physical function, so you don’t stop doing what makes you happy.


Both Weightlifting and CrossFit work on building muscle mass and one is strength-based (weightlifting) and the other is endurance-based (CrossFit).  In the process, athletes are injured and there are similarities in the injuries. According to the National Library of Medicine, shoulder injuries (46.41%) are most common, followed by lower back (38.28%) and hip injuries (9.09%).

Cross -fit and weighliting Recovery

Recovery is a big factor in performance and injury prevention. At Medstar, we help athletes recover faster and perform better. Depending on the severity of your injury, here are some tips to help with lower back pain from CrossFit and Weightlifting recovery:

Heat and ice warming or cooling muscles can help reduce swelling and stimulate blood flow

Rest: taking time away from CrossFit will give your aching body a much-needed respite

Medication:  over the counter remedies can help soothe muscle aches and pains

Physical therapy:  learning stretches and exercises that help your body heal build strength and allows for more proactive recovery

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At Medstar, we are committed and passionate about helping you to keep building muscle and endurance in a safe, injury-free, and empowering way. We create a treatment plan specifically to your needs.  Please contact us anytime to schedule an appointment or ask a question.

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