Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy, pool or water therapy, is a form of low-impact and effective Physical Therapy to improve functional outcomes that are built on evidence-based practices.  It allows clients that suffer from chronic pain, impaired balance, had an orthopedic surgery or an athlete recovering from injury, to perform exercises that would otherwise be too difficult or painful.  The water provides the support and comfort to begin movement as the buoyancy decreases apparent body weight and less resistance making the initial stages of rehabilitation much more effective. 

The aquatic environment serves to regain mobility, strengthen muscles, begin early weight bearing, and helps to reduce pain and perceived discomfort allowing clients to achieve more than they can on land.

How does Aquatic Therapy help?

Aquatic Therapy provides an ideal environment for physical therapy exercises.  Because the buoyant nature of water, it makes you feel lighter and performing the physical therapy exercises is much more comfortable. The natural resistance of the water also strengthens muscles and increases your range of motion. And, the pressure of the surrounding water aids your stability, which helps you to perform exercises that require a great deal of balance.  Another benefit is that it helps build up your respiratory muscles as they work harder, that can help build up your stamina, with less pian and more beneficial outcomes. 


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At Medstar Physical Therapy, like any of our other physical therapy program, Aquatic Therapy is customized to the individual needs of our clients aimed at achieving maximum recovery.  We provide the personalized care you deserve.

Contact us to learn more about Aquatic Therapy, at Covina (626)915-2992.  Let us design a program that revolves around your needs! 


  • Warm water promotes muscular relaxation and decrease muscle spasms
  • Facilitates age-appropriate movement patterns
  • Decreases pain sensitivity by reducing comprehensive forces to the joints
  • Reduction of gravitational forces allows client to stand, walk and strength train without causing damage to healing structures
  • Amount of weight bearing can be controlled and progressed in a functional manner
  • Water has the ability to assist, support and resist movement 

Q: Do I need to know how to swim to do Aquatic Therapy?

A: No. the pool is not deep, and swimming is not required

Q: What do I need to bring with me to the session?

A: Bring a bathing suit to change into (a private changing room is available), a towel for your first visit, along with pool shoes or sandals for the walk between our lockers and the pool area. We also recommend that diabetic patients wear their sandals or pool shoes while in the pool. Other patients find that a shower cap is helpful to protect their hair. 

Q: Are lockers available? 

A: For your convenience, we do have a storage locker to store clothes and personal belongings while in the pool. Clients are welcomed to bring a personal lock to secure their belongings. 

Q: How long is each treatment? 

A: A typical session of aquatic therapy lasts for an hour and 15 minutes. This typically consists of activity for 45 minutes to 1 hour, followed by application of ice for 15 minutes after the patient showers and dresses. 

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