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At Medstar physical Therapy Center, we have provided a place for you to progress mentally and emotionally in addition to experiencing the process of physical recovery.

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We believed that seeing only 1-2 patients per doctor would result in faster pain relief and better outcomes.

MedStar’s goal  is to optimize an Individual’s ability to function within society by addressing prevention,wellness and rehabilitation across the lifespan and in a variety of settings.

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Marleine E.
Sylmar, CA

I was in an accident in Jan 2017. I’ve been dealing with a heavy achy feeling ever since. I describe like the after-feeling of when you get a flu shots. Just heavy. I’ve tried many treatments and therapy’s and nothing seem to be working. Finally, I am one session away from finishing my acupuncture and I am happy to say I feel like I am about 75% better in my arm!


There’s a high chance I am coming back for some more to hopefully be 100% better with more sessions. Dr. Joukar is a really intelligent dr! He is very informative and also very welcoming. I learned that acupuncture helps with SO much more than what most people know. Also! It is nooooot painful. I think the anticipation of prick is worse than the actual prick. Highly recommend. The ladies in the front are also very sweet!!! Love all around.
The only con I have to say is that the hours at the office are very specific. Sometimes with my work schedule I can only go once a week.

Mark Jance / Facebook

Lisa F.

Los Angeles, CA

I had a wonderful experience here! My boyfriend and I both were suffering with agonizing neck pain from an uncomfortable bed. We decided to get acupuncture (my first time trying) to relieve our symptoms. Doctor Joukar was quite helpful, relaxing, and also quick. I didn’t even feel the needles go in.


The next day my neck felt so much better, I would definitely recommend Doctor Joukar for acupuncture.

Adrienne B.

Tujunga, CA

My lawyer appointed me to this physical therapy place after my car accident, and I definitely received the best treatment. Ellie, who works in the front, was very helpful in making sure my appointments were on check, all the papers and forms were correctly done & filled out.


 The aids were all really helpful with my exercises and making sure I left the office feeling better each day as I got closer to my discharge.  Very professional, organized, and helpful place for getting the best physical therapy treatment.

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